My Dogs

CH Honor Little Red Corvette aka "Hot Rod"


Hot Rod has everything one would want in a show dog or a pet!  He is super playful with a touch of sass!  He is a super quick learner and literally THRIVES on showing off.  He's perfect for the show ring, and also agility which we will do later on after he achieves his Grand Champion status.  His pedigree is loaded with American and Internation champions.  His coat is a flashy dark red sable.  Hot Rod weighs 10 pounds. 

Hot Rod's Pedigree:

Hot Rod's Health Testing:  Cardiac, Baer, Patella clear

Karvil's Havanese Untouchable Treasure aka "Ralphie"


Ralphie is a fun loving little guy with the sweetest temperament.  He is very trainable!  He is an import from Romania.   Some of his offspring are now doing quite well in agility!  Keep your eye out for more news on Ralphie's babies as they grow up and hit the agility circuit!!  He has many international champions in his pedigree.   Ralphie weighs 8 pounds.  

Ralphie's Pedigree:

Ralphie's Health Testing:  pending

A new baby boy coming soon!! :-) :-) :-)


The bun is in the oven and we will introduce him when he arrives!!!   SOOO EXCITING!!!

Adamas Acernis Mardis Gras aka "Marti"


Marti is a really sweet girl who is very much a cuddler.  She speaks fluent Hungarian because that's where she came from, but has learned English very easily!!  Marti is a gentle soul and no doubt will make a wonderful mom when the time arrives.  In her pedigree are Saleymi bloodlines which were some of the first European Havanese that came directly from Cuba.  We are very pleased to have this beautiful girl! International champions in her pedigree.   Marti weighs 10 pounds. 

Marti's pedigree:

Marti's health testing:   pending but her parents were clear on patellas, heart, Baer

Pillowtalk's Kontessa aka "Tessa"


Tessa has a very happy go lucky temperament and is super friendly to everyone she meets!  Her coat is a silky red sable and its super thick and soft.  I imported her, along with her full sister Cherry from a well known show kennel in Germany.  Tessa is a very beautiful and well proportioned girl who could have done very well in the show ring, but she came along at the same time as Hot Rod and I could only handle showing one at a time.  We may still take her out and see what she can do later!  Tons of champions in her pedigree.  Tessa weighs 8 pounds.

Tessa's pedigree:

Tessa's Health Testing:  pending both parents clear

Pillowtalk's Kirschblute aka "Cherry"


This is Cherry and she is a full sister to our Tessa.  Kirschblute is the name she came with and I had to google it means Cherry Blossom in German...hence the name.  Cherry is a dark red sable and is super thick and silky.  She is friendly and outgoing but much prefers lap time to intense activity.  Her temperament was a little mild for the show ring so we chose not to show her but she comes from a long line of champions.  She is gorgeous and we can't wait to see how her puppies turn out!  Many international champions in her pedigree.

Cherry weighs 8 pounds.

Cherry's Pedigree:

Cherry's Health Testing:

Finezja Biale Bursztynki aka "Lexus"



The first thing Lexus did when we got her (and sister Mercedes) home from Poland is run up under my Lexus and play hide and seek with us!  We couldn't pronounce her she just became the Lexus dog...and it stuck!  Lexie is sweet sweet girl with a super fun and playful attitude.  The first time she was ever on a leash was at the Houston World series dog of the largest in the US.  She walked all over that show with all those other dogs like she had been on a lead all of her life!  Never missed a beat!  Her coat is amazing...thick and silky.  Lexie weighs 9 pounds.

Lexus Pedigree:

Lexus Health Testing : cardiac, Baer, and patella clear

Fantazja Biale Burztynki aka "Mercedes"



Mercedes keeps us laughing with her silly antics!   Like her sister Lexus she is very trainable, and really enjoys her people time!!  She loves play time with other dogs too.  Mercedes has a very sweet and fiery personality.  She LOVES to learn new things and can sit, stay, fetch, and give five.   She craves being taught new things and is like a little sponge!   Her coat is a deep red and very thick.  I can't wait to see what her puppies will look like and what they can accomplish in the show ring as well as agility.  Mercedes weighs 11 pounds.

Mercedes Pedigree:

Mercedes Health Testing: pending but parents and sister clear on cardiac, Baer, and patellas

Honor Penny Lane Rouge aka "Penny"



Milanii is our newest girl ...just a baby now!  We are just now getting to know her :-).   She has a sweet temperament and gorgeous movement.  She has a very docile, snuggly nature.   She absolutely loves her toys and loves to play tug with her puppy friends.   Her undercoat is beginning to come in bright red.   We are excited to watch her grow and watch her show!!  

Penny's  Pedigree:

Penny's Health Testing : PENDING.... but all parents, grandparents are all clear across the board generations back

Havana Rouge Lucy in the Sky aka "Lucy"


Lucy is the precious little daughter of Ralphie and Cherry.  She is co-owned with my friend Susan and lives at Susan's home.  Susan and Lucy are learning agility and Lucy is VERY VERY good at it!!   I can't WAIT to see  her in action!!  We will post more on Lucy and Susan's antics as she makes progress!  

Lucy's Pedigree:

Lucy's Health Testing:

Coming soon! New Show / Agility Potential


We are currently making assessments of puppies we might keep out of our litters, and who their co-owners will be.  To be continued...

Coming soon! New Show / Agility Potential


 We are currently making assessments of puppies we might keep out of our litters, and who their co-owners will be.  To be continued...